Is my Pool Leaking?

Niagara's Pool Leak Specialists

How to determine if your pool is leaking

Determining if your pool is leaking can be a tedious task.  There are 2 methods to determine if your pool is leaking.   The first method is the Bucket Test, in which all you need is a 5 Gallon bucket, marker or tape, and some patience.

The second method is for us to perform a Leak Analysis where we use electronic devices to measure your water loss to determine if there is a leak.

Leak Analysis

Leak Analysis

One method to determine if your pool is leaking is to call us to perform a Leak Analysis, where we use electronic equipment that will accurately determine within 1/1000th of a gallon whether or not your pool is leaking.   And within minutes we will be able to determine if it is leaking in your pool shell itself or in your plumbing.   The

Bucket Test

The Bucket Test

  • Begin with your pool at the normal operating level (usually half way up the tile or skimmer mouth) and turned off.
  • Fill a 5-gallon bucket a few inches from the top and place on the first step of your pool. You can put a few rocks in the bucket if it floats. And if you do not have a step, place the bucket next to the pool
  • Make a mark with duct tape, a grease pen or marker at the water level inside the bucket
  • Make a mark on the outside of the bucket at the pool level.
  • Resume the normal operation of your pool with the system running.
  • After approximately 24 hours shut the pool off if it is running and check both marks. The mark inside the bucket approximates the evaporation for that day. If the levels have dropped at the same distance on the inside as well as outside of the bucket, you are only experiencing evaporation. However, if the level drops further on the outside (pool side) of your bucket, you probably have a leak.It is suggested that you perform this test again, but with the pool pump off for 24 hours and this will help you to determine if the pool is leaking on the in the shell or whether its your plumbing.

A leaking pool is like flushing water down the drain!